About the Design Build Process

We begin with a meeting of the minds.

Before the Carrera marble, hand scraped hickory floors, handcrafted cabinetry, corbels, gables, molding and more, there’s the Charette—the meeting of your mind and ours. Charette is derived from the French word for “Chariot” and was used to designate a period of intense creative design work performed by university students, after which time the chariot, or charette, would come by to collect their work.

At John Hall Homes, we use the term to kickoff our Design-Build process of crafting your perfect house in our approach. We will take the time to get to know your ideas, tastes, space needs and goals as well as discuss generalities such as ideal square footage, architectural style, and the building site itself. The end product of the charette should be a firm understanding of your vision. In short, the Charette is a meeting of minds—ours and yours—where your inspiration and our expertise come together to break ground on the creation of your dream home.

We have hundreds of “Inspiration Plans” to get those creative juices flowing, and we can even start with a photo from Houzz, or sketch on a notepad.

Architectural Design

You are an
integral part
of the process

At this point in our design approach, we will bring in one of our architects or designers to start the blueprints for your home. The designer/architect will take into account the previously discussed ideas, needs and goals along with any site conditions and building code requirements, then combine those elements into the preliminary design/sketches of your home. As the client, you are the most important member of the Design-Build team. Your wishes and ideas drive the decision-making at every turn while our firm provides the building experience, knowledge and skills that turn your ideas into reality.

Budget Considerations
Staying within your budget is as important to us as it is to you. We know that homebuilding costs can quickly add up, especially in the Chicago area. After gaining an understanding of what your budgetary goals are, we will guide you with the design, size and complexity of your home, based on our knowledge of cost, to make sure the project matches your budget.

Pricing Your Home
There are two elements to the overall price of your home—your material selections, and the cost of competitive bidding by the subcontracting used in your home. The Design-Build process helps manage your costs, and ensures your home is competitively priced for the Chicago metropolitan area.

Material Selections
Once we have established a final design for your home, we begin our extensive preparations for building. We start by considering the different materials available for your new home. Our dedicated Client Coordinator will walk you through the process of preliminary shopping for which finishes will be featured throughout your home. This phase includes picking out the cabinets, floor coverings, exterior finishes, plumbing fixtures, etc. that you want. With these preliminary selections we can then generate a final contract price.

“We have Created the Perfect Dream Team for Your New Home!”

of working

First and foremost, the Design-Build process personalizes the homebuilding experience. It gives all parties the opportunity to turn your home into a value-engineered, cost-effective venture without sacrificing any of the standards that makes a John Hall Custom Home.

Also, the process is rooted in an extensive knowledge of building and material costs. As homebuilders we’ve cultivated a fail-proof formula based in the knowledge and experience we’ve aquired building luxury homes in the Chicago area.

Furthermore, the team you choose to take on your project is dedicated to your dream home from start to finish, offering sound market advice and guiding you throughout the entire construction process.


Construction Phase

At this phase we are under contract and the construction begins. The timeframe for this phase will vary depending on the site conditions, time of year and size of home.  At John Hall Custom Homes, we utilize the leading edge technology of our Project Management Software.  You will be given your own Personal Home Page, which will serve as your hub for the entire construction phase, as well as customer service and warranties.   Each of your Selections, Changes, Credits are kept up to date along with your Construction Schedule.  

Push Notification reminders will help keep your Home on Schedule by assisting in making your essential selections.

John Hall Custom Homes Inc, has Partnered with the finest Trade Partners in the Industry, wether it is Designing Your Dream Kitchen or Bath, creating a unique Tile or Millwork Detail, and even Electrical and Home Technology, you are in great hands.

Selections/Coordinator and  Interior Designer

Jessica Hall-Jungman is a multiple award winning Interior Designer who helps you pull the pieces together to help create the Gorgeous Home You Desire, and Communicate your Needs to our In House team.

Design - Build

Our Dream Team of Trade Partners, and Professional Designers have only 1 Goal. To Satisfy You.

At John Hall Homes, we have two passions. First, we want to use our expertise and resources to build dream homes for our clients. Second, we want to share the excitement of that process with our clients first-hand as they watch their dream home become a reality. We’ve discovered the perfect way to satisfy both our passions.

We call it “Design-Build.”

This entails carefully assembling the perfect team of architects, engineers, construction professionals, suppliers, and manufacturers working in concert with YOU to create the home that most embodies your lifestyle, your character and your dreams.

And we’ve found that the Design-Build method truly streamlines the entire project from inception to completion. Design-Build projects have the highest client satisfaction levels in the industry, as the collaboration used to build your home helps maintain your vision and budget.

So if you’re ready to build a dream home in the Chicago area, call us to get started!



Design-Build Saves Time
Using the Design-Build method, John Hall Custom Homes can manage the entire project from start to completion by hand-picking the construction pros best suited to your project. Taking into account the unpredictable nature of weather and other natural phenomena in the Chicago area, we are able to work toward the timeliest delivery of your new home.

Design-Build Saves Money
Using a complete team of designers and builders, JHCH understands the true cost of construction, unlike many independent contractors in the Chicago metropolitan area who operate on their own. This allows us to avoid many of the hidden or extra costs associated with custom home building and results in a design that best meets your expectations of detail and budget.

Design-Build Delivers Higher Quality
At John Hall Homes we insist on maintaining the standards that brought you to us to begin with. As such, we meet Performance Needs, not Minimum Design Requirements. We build a better home with leading edge materials and construction practices to deliver your vision.

Design-Build offers Reduced Risk to the Client
JHCH’s Design-Build team assumes additional risk, as they are responsible for the final pricing, standard features, and the blue prints. Whereas a plan provided directly by the owner or an outside architect opens the client up to financial responsibility in regards to errors and omissions. JHCH is held accountable for cost, schedule, and performance.

Design-Build Caters to the Client
You are an integral part of the Design-Build team, and with JHCH leading that team, you have a direct line to the project management. Bottom line—this is your dream home. The Design-Build process will give you the best opportunities to select the systems in your home that best suit your needs and your budget. JHCH and our team are driven to make sure that your home and our process meets and exceeds your expectations. You also have a decreased administrative burden with Design-Build allowing you to focus more on the project rather than managing the multitude of contracts and requirements of proper supervision a home building project demands.


Current construction loans are available from 5% -20% down. Special VA construction loans are also available.

With John Hall Custom Homes you will be required to acquire the financing to build your new home, but if construction financing is new to you, don’t worry! Between our knowledge and our expert lender’s financing expertise, you will find the process easy and seamless.

Many people have the misconceived notion that they cannot get traditional construction financing, and that they are just plain better off buying an existing home and getting a regular mortgage. That is absolutely not true. All of our clients are financed with a construction or construction-to-permanent loan for their home.

A construction loan is a “Story Loan,” and like any story the sum is a combination of all of the parts. Each story is as different as each of our clients, and every home we build embodies that idea. Your loan structure is created individually as well. We carefully chose each of our lending partners for their expertise in financing the construction process and because of their outstanding reputation and customer service performance. Please feel free to contact our preferred lender partners and have them help you finish your story.

Our Preferred Lending Partners:  

We highly recommend that you take the time to speak with one, or each of our lender partners to learn how their individual banks work with their Clients (You) and with JHCH (Us)

Jeff Lincoln  Jeff can be reached by his cell at 630-319-7155 

Karen Schumacher with US Bank,  Karen can be reached by her cell at 847-989-7595 or you can email her at karen.schumacher@usbank.com

Bret Reifsteck with US Bank , Bret can be reached by his cell at 630-355-3447 or you can email him at Bret.Reifsteck@usbank.com

Mike Egleston with US Bank  Mike can be reached at 847-668-6128 or you can email him

at michael.egleston@usbank.com






At John Hall Custom Homes, we specialize in designing and building custom homes in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Whether your dream home comes from one of our previously built “inspiration” plans, or is a uniquely personal creation—or becomes a hybrid of the two—we have the perfect team handpicked for the task.

The architect is an integral part of a successful Design-Build custom home, and we are proud to work with 3 of the best architects in the business. Each one is chosen for their varying design tastes, and we pick the right one for your vision.

Mike McGee of McGee Architects
Mike McGee helps us tailor all of our inspirational designs into fantastic custom homes, and he has played a hand in creating most of our clients’ dream homes.

Jerry Gloss of KG Architects Collaborative Studios in CO.
When it comes to creating that very special and unique custom home that gives you a flavor of virtually any part of the country or world, Jerry Gloss of Knudson Gloss Architects brings us the necessary inspiration. Hailing from the mountains of Boulder, Colorado Jerry was told by John Hall Sr. to design a house that would “win it all.” He promptly designed what would become our Second Gallery Home and has become nationally known and awarded

Dan Marshall of Marshall Architects
Dan Marshall of Marshall Architects has been instrumental in some of our most memorable and distinctive custom designed homes. His design ability is on par with national architects, and our design collaborations have ranged from Frank Lloyd Wright, Craftsman, to Old-World. Our 2007 Luxury Home Tour entry is based on a custom design Dan made for one of our Naperville, IL cients.